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Saturday Bird Droppings

Start your day with links. Not sausage ones, clicky ones.


Baltimore Orioles: Is MLB becoming the NFL?
Let the men be men! None of this avoiding concussions and gruesome injuries talk! That's for pansies!

Local product Gavin Floyd closing in on one-year deal, but not with the Baltimore Orioles -
If you are one who wanted the Orioles to give a chance to Gavin Floyd, Eddie Encina has some bad news for you.

JAWS and the 2014 Hall of Fame ballot: Rafael Palmeiro |
Jay Jaffe says, "I honestly don’t know if an infraction that took place at the tail end of his career should be enough to bar him from Cooperstown for life, or simply enough to justify the writers passing him over for a given number of years."

Fan challenges Brady Anderson to foot race at Winter Meetings | Eutaw Street Report
I placed this in the comments of yesterday's open thread, but in case you missed it, it's a lot of fun. Eutaw Street Report talked to the guy who raced Brady Anderson at the winter meetings.

Orioles Options in Left Field - Baltimore Sports and Life
No chance on most of these, but it's nice to dream.

Orioles Coming Home Empty-handed? Not So Fast
Stan the Fan says, "[A]s disappointing as the trip was, the inactivity doesn't mean they were not actively trying to make some things happen." Insert Yoda quote here.

Happy birthday to former Orioles Jeff Robinson, Sam Jones, Bobby Adams, and Rodrigo Lopez. Whoever can find me a link to the Dugout where Rodrigo Lopez says, "It's not about strikes! It's about Rodrigo Lopez!" will be my new best friend.

On this day in 2011 the Orioles signed Tsuyoshi Wada to a two-year, $8.15 million contract. Money well spent.