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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Today on As The Hot Stove Burns...

Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports

School of Roch: Report: Roberts on verge of signing with Yankees
Roberts now officially old enough to be a Yankee.

Report: Orioles sign Chris Marrero to minor league deal | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore Marrero's bat has never really developed, but he's worth a shot, I guess. Maybe sort of analogous to Brandon Snyder?

Gavin Floyd and the nuttiness of the pitching market. | : Jonathan Bernhardt Article
More thoughts on the Floyd signing and what it says about free agency.

The Best And Worst Offseason Moves Of The Orioles' History Paul Folkemer Presents...

7 Best Major League Baseball Managers Lists! Slideshows! Hail offseason.

Will hitters ever adjust to the big infield shifts? - Baseball Nation This one goes out to Jim Hunter.

It's the birthday of defensive wizard Jerry Adair, "Disco" Stu Pomeranz and Silver Spring native Curtis Pride. It's also the birthday of Alex Cintron..