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Monday Bird Droppings

Everybody's talkin all this stuff about me why don't they just let me live?


Grant Balfour fiasco part of troubling pattern for Orioles in free agency - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN Not cool, Kenny-boy.

Camden Depot: Failed Physicals and Testing the Orioles' Success Looking at the supposedly draconian practice of the Orioles.

Kevin Gausman: Next Orioles Closer? - Fake Teams Can the Orioles afford to make Gausman their closer?

Winter Leagues: Nationals prospect Sandy Leon rolling in Venezuela | News
Johnny Mo-nellll! Johnny Mo-nelll!

Pitchers of the 2013 draft: First-round analysis
Hunter Harvey breakdown included.

Steve Melewski: Getting player development and scouting on the same page A chat with Brian Graham.

On this day in 1975, Dave McNally and Andy Messersmith were declared free agents by an arbitrator, ushering in the modern concept of free agency. In 1980, the O's signed Jim Dwyer.

Today is the birthday of Dave May and old timey O and Catonsville native Fritz Maisel.