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Tuesday Bird Droppings

What'll Santa be leaving the O's under their tree this year? Or will Krampus come and snatch them away for being naughty little Birds?

I hope this pic bothers O'sFan21
I hope this pic bothers O'sFan21
Al Messerschmidt

Will Orioles Season Opener Be Moved To Sunday Night?
That'd be cool (and probably really friggin' cold).

Orioles claim Hendriks on waivers from Cubs | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore

HBGM 'throws a'notha shrimp on tha barbie'

School of Roch: Hunter's closing argument

He's a Proven Closer!

Orioles have talked to Francisco Rodriguez about closing | HardballTalk


Jonathan Papeldone? | FanGraphs Baseball

His name has been bandied about by the Bmore Beat squad of late, so read up (and cringe).

Steve Melewski: Can Matt Wieters get his bat going again in 2014?

I dunno...can I land a date with Jennifer Lawrence in 2014? The answers are probably one in the same.

Looking for Bias in Top 100 Prospect Lists | FanGraphs Baseball

Rather hefty article, but interesting nonetheless. Though he does besmirch the good name of one Melvin Mora.