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Orioles trade rumors: Mets asked for Eduardo Rodriguez, offered Ike Davis, were rebuffed

According to The New York Post, the Mets asked the Orioles for Eduardo Rodriguez in exchange for first baseman Ike Davis and were rebuffed. The two teams are still talking a potential trade, though the Mets are talking to other clubs as well.

Greg Fiume

As the Orioles float through another off-season where nothing happens, it's always a good idea to remember that there are some moves where it's better that they aren't made. The Mets are here to help us keep that in mind:

It is the kind of thing that makes you wonder what kind of ridiculous trade offers are made on a regular basis that we never find out about. It's probably about as absurd as the Orioles offering J.J. Hardy and asking for Shelby Miller.

Eduardo Rodriguez is no sure thing, but he is young and has potential. Rodriguez is either the third- or fourth-best Orioles prospect, depending on who you ask and how much they like Hunter Harvey, and he was ranked in the top 100 prospects in all of baseball at midseason. The 20-year-old lefty has never pitched above Bowie, where he made 11 starts in 2013 and figures to open up 2014 as well.

There's always the chance with every pitching prospect that they won't turn out the way you hope. We don't need to look very far back to remember that for ourselves. What might Brian Matusz have fetched in a trade at one time, or Jake Arrieta, or Zach Britton? In the final account, they may have been able to provide more to the Orioles as trade pieces.

Perhaps that is true of Rodriguez as well, but if it is, then surely he should fetch a higher return than Davis, or as was offered in August, Josh Willingham. Davis was the #62 prospect all the way back in 2010, according to Baseball America. He is a left-handed hitting first baseman with power potential. The Orioles already have a Davis who meets that criteria. Could Ike be someone that Dan Duquette has in mind for designated hitter?

Ike Davis will be 27 years old before the next season opens. He has spent four years in the big leagues, batting .242/.334/.434 in 442 games. He does not hit for average, though he walks enough to keep a respectable on-base percentage. While he hit 32 home runs in 2012,  he only  had nine in 2013, and he was demoted to Triple-A due to struggles during the season.

The Mets seem to be looking to deal their former first-round pick from 2008 (18th overall). Ike Davis is entering his first year of arbitration eligibility, meaning some team could have him for three more years, if that was a selling point. As a player, what is he? Who knows?

According to the above tweet, the O's are still talking with the Mets about Davis. The discussion could involve either a lesser prospect or an inquiry about what kind of illicit substances led to the initial trade proposal from the Mets. Duquette has shown no qualms about dealing lesser prospects for players whom he can call "a qualified major leaguer." Rodriguez is not a lesser prospect.

Probably nothing will happen because that's the theme of the off-season, but maybe the Mets will lower their asking price and something will happen. You never know.