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Tuesday Bird Droppings

While waiting in line at the liquor store catch up on what Orioles news there is!

awww...I miss this
awww...I miss this
Jesse Johnson-US PRESSWIRE

School of Roch: Room for improvements
Any suggestions to add?

Camden Depot: The Pros and Cons of Signing Kendrys Morales
I still fail to see any 'pro' about such a signing. I view DH more and more like I view the Closer: fill it from within with spare parts platooned together and spend the money elsewhere.

Are the top Orioles pitching prospects off limits for trades? -

Unless the trade involves Giancarlo Stanton, I hope so.

Despite The Winter Non-Action, Orioles Close To Contention | Baltimore Sports and LifeBaltimore Sports and Life

One of my favorite sayings as a wee tyke was that 'Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades'.

AL's defensive winter moves - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

A summation of how the AL's various defenses have improved or not so far this off-season.

The Crowd Speaks: Masahiro Tanaka’s Contract | FanGraphs Baseball

Cue groaning about player salaries in the comments section to the effect of 'I like him but not at that price'. Then my response is you like watching an 82 win team. Go for the gusto, HBGM! It's only money.

Email exchange: American League East draft - MLB - Sporting News

Hadn't considered it before, but is David DeJesus really the 2nd best LFer in the ALE right now? Geez...

Baseball Happenings: How the New York Mets let Paul Blair fall from their grasp

How Paul Blair ended up an Oriole.

Remembering the wizardry of Paul Blair

More tributes to Mr. Blair.

On this date in 2010, the O's signed Derrek Lee. It didn't work out too well. C'est la vie. Also in 2010, a shooting incident in the Dominican Republic later leads to Alfredo Simon being imprisoned for 2 months before charges were ultimately dropped against him. So, lesson to be learned: don't go firing off guns on New Year's Eve, Chatters. Bullets that go up, must come down. It's simple physics, really.