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Monday Bird Droppings

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So tired. Tired of waiting...

J. Meric

After a flurry of weekend activity, the O's appear set to open camp pretty much unchanged from the core Birds that we last saw in the American League Division Series. Oh, there are some changes at the margins, some improvements in team health, but these are largely the Birds we remember. I wonder who will this year's Jake Fox Award for Spring Hitting Excellence or Daniel Cabrera Award for Spring Pitching Excellence?

Duquette had doubts on Saunders' return to O's | CSN Baltimore My G.M. went shopping for left handed starters and all I got was this lousy T.J. MacFarland.

School of Roch: Springing ahead to Sarasota The team may just be getting into shape for a long, grueling season, but Roch is always at the ready with a timely pun.

Derek Lowe hoping for a major league contract, willing to pitch out of a team’s bullpen | HardballTalk Commence Dan Duquette nepotism watch.

The five kinds of players teams shouldn't lock up until they have to - Baseball Nation Learn it. Know it. Live it.

Pitch Speed and Quality of Contact | FanGraphs Baseball

On this day in 1900, the Orioles sold John McGraw, Wilbert Robinson and Bill Keister to the Cardinals; on this day in 2009, Miguel Tejada was convicted of lying to Congress in connection with the 2005 hearing on steroids.

Birthday wishes to Brian "the Polish Pauper" Matusz and Matt "Big Swede" Lindstrom.