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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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Get ready for a hot link injection!

The Generallismo oversees his troops from his chariot
The Generallismo oversees his troops from his chariot
J. Meric

North Korea setting off underground nuclear tests...crazed Rambo-esque LAPD officer running amok...Asteroids hurtling through space near Earth...Ted Nugent scoring an invite to attend the State of the Union...oh my! As the old Chinese proverb / curse goes, 'may you live in interesting times', indeed.

But, hey, let's focus on the positive and push all our cares and concerns away! For today, the Birds of Baltimore have officially opened Spring Training! Huzzah!

10 Minutes With Orioles GM Dan Duquette - The Triangle Blog - Grantland
Jonah Keri asks some query's of the Honey Badger. And gets some not entirely vague answers!

What can Matt Wieters do for an encore in 2013? | Roar From 34
He is risen.

Camden Depot: Where Markakis Bats
Lead off. With Reimold slotted into the 2 slot.

Five candidates for the fifth spot | CSN Baltimore
Rich DuBroff's got five on it.

Steve Melewski: Brian Graham: "We have one of the best minor league systems in baseball"
As I morph into more and more of a prospect honk, I may actually be more excited to see how the O's minor leaguers perform and develop as opposed to how the major league club does.

Bird Talk - A Baltimore Orioles Centric Show | Baltimore Sports and Life
Your O's-centric Podcast du jour. With special guest Dan Szymborski. Or check out the Camden Chat archives and listen to EME's interview with him from last season.

MLB Network | Jaffe discusses how to evaluate successful managers - Video | Multimedia
Video clip. Skip ahead to the 3:00 mark for a brief discussion of Frank Robinson's Managerial career.

Thinking Your Way Through Spring Training Statistics | FanGraphs Baseball
pppfft. Whatever, Mr. Know it all smart guy. All I know is that Jake Fox was never given a chance in 2011. He was gonna be the next big thing!

Lawmakers want to make raven official state bird | Politics - WBAL Home
Just say 'No'!

Today is the birthday of Don 'Stan the Man Unusual' Stanhouse as well as Pat Dobson. Nothing happened on this day in history. Ever.