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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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For your consideration

Not an Angry Bird
Not an Angry Bird
Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

One day into Spring Training and Closers are already falling like flys. Ryan Madsen of the Angels and Frank Francisco of the Mets both experiencing some elbow soreness. Could I interest either team in an already under contract for 2013 Jim Johnson, perhaps? Kaleb Cowart or Wilmer Flores would look mighty nice in the O's farm system. MLBTR has a post up regarding the Padres continuing search for a 5th starter. O's have them in spades, and the Friars have a plethora of assorted and miscellaneous prospects they could part with in return. I dunno...just spitballin ideas here...Opening Day is still too far away. le sigh. Onto the links like ketchup, mustard, and / or relish!

Like the Orioles, GM Dan Duquette has made a winning comeback -
Heyman tries to butter up the 'ole Honey Badger. I smell a nefarious Boras Corp. plot afoot! Look for the Lohse to Bmore rumors to reemerge soon.

School of Roch: Hearing from Buck Showalter

The Generallismo gives a brief update concerning his troops.

Reimold faces pitching, has no restrictions | News

Nolan Reimold: Which will be greater in 2013, Days spent on the D.L. or Home Runs hit?

A Bird, a City and a Woebegone Dream

Wayward brings a developing MEAT WAR to our collective attention. EME is currently rehearsing his best Tyrion Lannister Battle of Blackwater speech impression.

This day marks the birthday's of one-time O's Todd Williams and Crazy Schmit (look at that picture! The surname certainly seems to fit). For 'This Day in History' perhaps something will happen today so that next year I can then write about such-and-such thing happened one year ago today.