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Valentine's Day Bird Droppings

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Happy Valentine's Day from J.J. Hardy!
Happy Valentine's Day from J.J. Hardy!

Happy Valeintine's Day, one and all! Will you each be my Valentine? And by be my Valentine, I mean give me candy? Valentine's Day isn't big in my life, but I still wanted to celebrate with this picture of J.J. Hardy, because who doesn't love him? Unfortunately the story cropper doesn't really do it justice.

Orioles infielder Danny Valencia assertive in PED denial -
Valencia said he was "absolutely shocked" to hear his named linked to the Biogenesis lab

Pitchers, catchers hit fields for first official workout |
Everyone is happy to be there and doing well! Of course.

Orioles spring training workouts open to public at Ed Smith Stadium - Tampa Bay Sports |
If you're in Sarasota, stop by and watch the boys stretch.

School of Roch: Reimold remains encouraged after today's batting practice session
Nolan is feeling great! He's know. I really, really hope he doesn't get hurt again.

Early Vegas Odds Predict Losing Season For Orioles | Baltimore Sports Report
The line is 76.5. I'd bet the over. Of course last year I actually did bet that they'd win the World Series so maybe I'm not the best person to ask.

Camden Depot: Adam Jones's Extension and Saving Some Money
Bottom line, everyone loves Adam Jones. OK, maybe there is more to it than that.

Would you believe that no current or former Orioles were born on Valentine's Day? It's true! It is the birthday of Dave Dravecky, though. I read his books when I was a youngster.