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Friday Bird Droppings

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Blessed relief.

Derick E. Hingle-US PRESSWIRE

Happy Friday. Here's hoping you all had a pleasant (or uneventful) day yesterday. Much afoot in Sarasota...does anything else matter at the moment?

Spring Training news and notes Day 2 (updated) " Britt's Bird Watch Reads like a compendium of Britt's tweets...with pictures!

School of Roch: Spring training leftovers for breakfast A Buck-centric entry from the Professor.

Source: Red Sox, Orioles, Rays Interested in Mike Carp - CLNS Radio If there's a claim to be made, the Honey Badger is on the case.

Hendrickson's new career is on the side | CSN Baltimore Hendo love and a totally unrelated video.

Steve Melewski: Kevin Gausman on his innings limit, high expectations and powdered donuts Goose, err, "Dunkin"'s bullpen session yesterday caused quite a stir among the beats.

PressBox: Orioles Spring Training Preview: Projected 25-Man Roster Pressbox's Spring Spectacular!

It's the birthday of Chuck Estrada and Luis Mercedes.