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Monday Bird Droppings

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News to me...and you, perhaps.


Spring training rolls on with workouts on the field and friendly puff pieces in black and white. If you like Nolan Reimold and groundball pitchers...enter!

Orioles manager Buck Showalter balks at MLB's new pickoff rule - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN Buck hates the new pickoff rule almost as much as he hates the save rule. He's still fond of the win rule, though.

School of Roch: Britton is back, and maybe better than ever

Reimold still has plenty to proveto both the Orioles and himself | The Daily Times |
Discussing how much Reimold has to prove seems to be an annual exercise.

Baltimore Orioles stumble upon a gem in pitcher Jason Hammel - The Washington Post
Another season in Baltimore may determine what type of gem.

Zach Clark gets taste of first major league spring training | CSN Baltimore
If you want groundballs, you got 'em.

Why The Orioles And Lohse Make Sense MLB reports
Time's ticking for Lohse and we know that the Duq is a patient man.

Camden Depot: Revisiting the Kevin Gregg Era
Do we have to?

It's the birthday of former front office man Lou Gorman, coach Bruce Kison, Chad Moeller and Big Walter Young.