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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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Playing through the pain in order to bring you the Orioles news you crave!

This is my Boom-Stick
This is my Boom-Stick

The dread injury bug hit the O's camp yesterday, as 1B/OF Conor Jackson and C Luis Martinez left practice due to a sore back and a strained lat, respectively. Most concerning, however, was the news from the afternoon that rising blog prospect PBR me ASAP! complained of some elbow soreness. He will seek out an appointment to visit Dr. James Andrews in the coming days. Signing on as an undrafted free agent with Camden Chat back in 2010, PBR has demonstrated some plus potential while slowly rising through the blog minors. If this is a significant injury, it could spell trouble for the Camden Chat rotation, which suffered a serious blow when one-time Ace Andrew_G left for Pittsburgh via free agency during the off-season.

School of Roch: Anderson among promotions to baseball operations staff
Sounds more like paper shuffling to me, but YMMV.

Orioles lefty T.J. McFarland will be under the microscope this spring as a Rule 5 pick -

Meet one of the newest Birds. Not sure what to think of McFarland. On the one hand, his selection by the O's was rather well received amongst many a baseball observer. On the other, with the rather shabby state of the Tribe's pitching staff, and rotation in particular, I find it hard to believe they would let a good arm get away. Time will tell...

Orioles starters offer few sure things - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

"Questions deserving answers. Answers deserving action. What am I of the populi. I am but a fraction." If any of you Chatters know where that line comes from without the aid of Google-fu, you have earned yourself a Jim Thome Certified Hearty Handshake from yours truly.

To no surprise, O's rotation far from settled - Spring Training Blog - ESPN

Pretty simple concept: Pitch well or fall victim to the Honey Badger.

Camden Depot: Dan Duquette's Grand Pitching Plan: Its Jurrjens Time!

Take a stroll down memory lane, and reminisce on the Duq's many and myriad pitching acquisitions from last winter.

Which MLB Team Won the Winter? -

With regard to the free agent markent, Dan Duquette seems to have taken Marla Daniels' advice to heart. To wit, 'You can't lose if you do not play.'

Palmer says he never would have pitched in WBC -

I can envision Knobler stressing out over not having a story with which to make his deadline. And then an epiphany struck! He could just ask Palmer for his opinion on, well, anything.

High Heat Stats " Building the perfect player

Fun little exercise in amassing the career totals of the Perfect Player. Hitter results at the top, Pitcher results down in the comments section.

It's the birthday of a couple of old-timey O's, John Pickett and Tom O'Brien. On this day in history, Congress proposed the 21st Amendment, which would end Prohibition.