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GameThread: Minnesota Twins @ Baltimore Orioles, 1:05 p.m.

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It's day one of ST games, if you're into that sort of thing.


The Baltimore Orioles will suit up for game 1 of their Grapefruit League season today, and it looks like they're participating in throwback to 2009 day because Brian Roberts is leading off. This game will be broadcast locally on the radio on WBAL 1090AM as well as on Game Day Audio.

The outcome of these games mean little, of course, so cross your fingers that none of the regulars are injured in their two innings and trust Buck to figure out the rest. Here are your lineups:

Baltimore Orioles Minnesota Twins
Brian Roberts 2B Darin Mastroianni CF
Nate McLouth LF Eduardo Escobar 3B
Nick Markakis DH Josh Willingham LF
Adam Jones CF Ryan Doumit DH
Matt Wieters C Chris Parmelee RF
Chris Davis 1B Chris Colabello 1B
J.J. Hardy SS Brian Dozier 2B
Manny Machado 3B Drew Butera C
Chris Dickerson RF Pedro Florimon SS

Hey, it's our old friend Pedro Florimon!

The starting pitcher for the Orioles will be Zach Britton. The Twins starter is Kevin Correia. Normally the beats tell us what other pitchers are scheduled to appear, but as of the time I'm writing this I can't find it.

Let's go O's!