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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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34 Days until Opening Day


And just when I thought Spring Training couldn't possibly get any more boring the game gets rained out. Let's hope for better weather in the Florida region today as the O's face off against the Yankees and Red Sox in split squad action. Look for Jake Arrieta, Dylan Bundy, and Steve Johnson to pitch vs. the Yankees. Chris Tillman and Zach Britton are scheduled to have a go against the Sox. I read a tweet yesterday that said the 7 p.m. game with the Sox will be broadcast on MLB Network in the Baltimore-Washington area. So that'd be nice.

Adam Jones has strong words for those who pick against Orioles -
Dr. Jones has a prescription for all the Haters.

Richard Justice: Orioles plan to push forward, not fall back | News

Well, doesn't every team intend to do that? Even the Astros would tell you they are, in a way, 'pushing forward'.

Q&A with Daniel Moroz, who blogs about the Baltimore Orioles for Camden Crazies -

Clear, succinct answers from Mr. Moroz. Hopefully he will resume his blogging at Camden Crazies at some point.

Steve Melewski: What's with all the Roberts critics?

Steve-O defends the honor of BriBob.

Camden Depot: Looking Back on Manny Machado's Rookie Season

Do you like to read about nice things? Well, boy howdy do I have a link for you!

The Bundy Effect: putting meat in Carolina League seats " Unlocking the Keys

It's been said that 'meat is murder'. But I posit that Mssr. Bundy's Cutter is murder. Murder on opposing hitter's hopes, and dreams, and aspirations. And bats.

Some Orioles had to work for a living | CSN Baltimore

It's not quite the same as the 1950's when nearly every player had to hold down a winter job, but still interesting in a way.