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GameThread: Orioles @ Yankees, 1:05pm and Red Sox @ Orioles, 7:05pm

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Let's Go O's!


The Orioles play two split-squad games today. The first is on the road against the Yankees and features the B lineup. The second is at home against the Red Sox and while the lineup hasn't been posted, rest assure you will probably see at least some of your faves there.

The day game has just one broadcast option. subscribers and New York area residents can tune in to the YES broadcast.

The night game has a few more: is broadcasting the NESN feed, so subscribers and Boston residents can tune in there. Local fans can watch on MLB Network (if you get that channel, I do not). The game is also being broadcast on WBAL and streamed on GameDay Audio.

Here are your lineups for the afternoon game. I'll add the night game lineups once they're posted.

Baltimore Orioles
New York Yankees

Let's go O's!