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Sunday Bird Droppings

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Super Bowl Sunday. So let's read about baseball!


When will Orioles and Wieters get down to long-term business? | CSN Baltimore
"The betting is that the Orioles and Wieters will wait until after this season and address the issue with a lucrative, long-term deal with two years to go before free agency. Another successful season for Wieters and the Orioles will only make that deal more lucrative."

School of Roch: Notes on Ayala and Chavez
"Reliever Luis Ayala will be in Sarasota, but the Orioles aren't sure whether he's going to leave for the World Baseball Classic. Ayala is listed on Mexico's roster, and pitching coach Rick Adair is proceeding as though the veteran right-hander will eventually be marked absent."

Baseball America | Mexico, Dominican Republic Club Win Caribbean Series Openers
"Royals righthander Luis Mendoza threw the first six innings of the shutout holding Puerto Rico to three hits and two walks while striking out three. Ex-big leaguer Dennis Reyes combined with Jose Cobos, Adrian Ramírez, and Oscar Villarreal to keep the shutout going. Baltimore Orioles righthander Luis Ignacio Ayala picked up the save." So we know what Luis Ayala is up to before he gets to Sarasota.

Tatis trained with Orioles but no deal - ESPN: Sports
"I feel young and strong and still I have baseball in the body," said Fernando Tatis. "While my body feel that way, I see no reason to stop playing. I'll go when the body does not hold or lose the love of the game," he added." Thanks, Google Translate.

Millwood stepping away after 16 years in the majors - MLB - The Shelby Star
"Kevin Millwood, a 1993 Bessemer City High graduate, said Friday during a celebration of his alma mater’s basketball history that his major league baseball career had come to an end." I swear, kids today just quit everything early. Graduated high school in 1993? I have t-shirts that old!

MLB 2K13 Actually Has Some Marketing, Sort Of
"In January, 2K Sports shocked sports video gaming with the announcement that it would, in fact, make Major League Baseball 2K13 this year. The label's prior license with MLB expired at the end of 2012, and no one expected it to be renewed." Missed the news of the release in January. I'm fairly shocked this is happening.

Today in Orioles history, in 1900 - "Rival forces fight for control of the Union Park Ball Grounds in Baltimore. John McGraw's men camp around a fire at third base. Ned Hanlon, his former manager in Baltimore in the 1890s, now manager of Brooklyn and still president of the Baltimore club in the National League, has forces camped around first base." It's also the birthday of former Orioles Scott Klingenbeck and Fred Lynn, and two guys who didn't play for the Orioles but the wonderfully named Chicken Hawks and Live Oak Taylor. And it's the 16th birthday of my oldest tax deduction. Happy Birthday, Princess.