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Tuesday Bird Droppings

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Because a link, much like a mind, is a terrible thing to waste

Jim McIsaac

Parade day for the Ravens, so go ahead and call out of work one more day, fans. Just try not to inflict another hangover onto yourselves such that you may have to call out of work again tomorrow! precisely that. To paraphrase Bobby Brown, 'It's your prerogative'.

Tuesday morning Orioles notes on spring training, Pineiro and Jurrjens -
Fluff. But it'll serve. No one reads the links anyway!

School of Roch: A few morning notes

Huh...Wilson Alvarez is now a pitching coach in the O's system. I always disliked him once he threw a no-no vs. the O's in his 2nd career start. Here's a link to the boxscore of that game.

Camden Depot: To Extend Matt Wieters or Not

I'd honestly been meaning to write an article such as this. Guess I can go ahead and forego that plan, seeing as crawdaddy has already done it way better than I ever would have.

Offseason report card: Orioles - SweetSpot Blog - ESPN

For those who may have missed this in the comments of yesterday's thread

Orioles and Ravens represent a Baltimore story
Well, hopefully Duq' and Buck can turn the O's into a model franchise much as Ozzie and John have done with the Ravens. Prospects: International Affairs: MLB Showcase Highlights Challenges For International Scouts

Non-paywalled article from Ben Badler of BA which gives a glimpse of some of the difficulties of scouting in the Dominican. For a more in-depth and personal look at how players are discovered and acquired in the D.R. check out the movie 'Pelotero'.

Happy birthday, Robbie Alomar! Also, happy b-day wishes go out to Hammerin Hank Aaron. As well as Patron Saint of Birdland, Eric O'Flaherty! Here is a link to the boxscore of the first 'Birdland Day'. On this day in 1897 Charley 'Old Hoss' Radbourn passed away. Though he was never an Oriole, his posthumous Twitter account may be the best there is.