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Wednesday Bird Droppings

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This is your brain. This is your brain on links. Any questions?

Rob Carr

Man, Justified is just going All-In with the Deadwood actors reunion angle, isn't it? Hopefully Calamity Jane will get a role at some point in the future; she was my favorite character of that series. If only Patton Oswalt could have had a role on Deadwood.... Anywho, let us commence with the day's agenda.

Led by Bundy, O's prospects ready for chance | News
Exciting year to follow the O's affiliates.

2013 Prospect Watch | Prospects
It's Prospect List season. Here's's Top 20 O's Prospects for 2013

Q&A: Gausman pumped for O's future | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball


Steve Melewski: Mound move: Mychal Givens isn't an infielder anymore

Shame it didn't work out for him as a middle infielder. Hopefully he can find some success as a pitcher and carve out a spot for himself in the 'pen.

Report: Orioles' Danny Valencia linked to alleged Miami-area PED clinic -

The facts, as they stand now, don't give one much to draw from this at the moment without breaking out your 'Jump To Conclusions' mat.

Baseball Prospectus | Arbitration Showdown: Mock Hearing: Jason Hammel
This article is paywall'd. But it's really superb. A well done breakdown of how an arbitration hearing might go.

On this day 118 years ago, George Herman Ruth was born in Baltimore. 1 year ago today, Jeremy Guthrie was traded to the Rockies in exchange for Jason Hammel and Matt Lindstrom. Whatcha got in store for us this year, DD?