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Joe Saunders reportedly signs with Seattle Mariners

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Ken Rosenthal reports the one-year deal between the Mariners and Saunders.

Greg Fiume

Per Ken Rosenthal, the Seattle Mariners and Joe Saunders have reached a one-year for 2013, which takes him off the table as a possibility for the Baltimore Orioles.

Saunders will pitch well in Seattle's pitcher's park, so that's a good fit for him. And perhaps if his numbers are good enough there, some team will offer him the three-year deal he was reportedly seeking this off season.

Many of us were not thrilled when the Orioles traded for Joe Saunders, but he served the Orioles well down the stretch, pitching to a 3.63 ERA in seven starts. And of course Saunders will live in Orioles lore for his gutsy outing against Yu Darvish and the Texas Rangers. Nobody thought the Orioles had a chance, everybody questioned Saunders getting the start, but he went out there and got the win, the first Orioles post season win since 1997. In fact, of the three games the Orioles won in the 2013 postseason, Saunders started two of them.

This isn't a huge miss for the Orioles, even though the sentiment around town was to bring back the local boy who did so well over the short stretch of time. As I said, Saunders is basically a league-average pitcher, and while there is always a place for those guys, especially lefties, he wouldn't have been the difference maker for the Orioles in 2013.

So farewell, Joe. Thanks for what you did for the Orioles, and it's probably for the best that you left before we started disliking you and forgot all about your postseason heroics.