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Tuesday Bird Droppings

The Open Thread is afoot

Goodbye! Home Run!
Goodbye! Home Run!
Koji Watanabe

Good morning, cats and kittens. Welcome to another fun-filled and exciting edition of Bird Droppings. As I type these words of greeting Japan is currently laying another smack down on everyone's #Honkbalin' Heroes, de Nederland. But no worries. Our boy Schoopy and his fellow flying Dutchmen will live to fight another day. This game merely determines seeding for these two once the tournament's final rounds commence in San Francisco next weekend. In affairs of a more domestic nature, Dr. Jones and his fellow G.I. Joes have made their way to Miami, where they will face the Puerto Rican squad at 8 p.m. tonight. On the other side of the state of Florida, our beloved O's were scheduled to have an off day today. But Sir Buck, in his infinite wisdom, has seen fit to organize an intersquad game. #StayHungry, indeed.

School of Roch: Interested in intrasquad?
Bonus Betemit criticism for Marylander.

Arrieta strong in Orioles' 4-3 loss to Pirates | CSN Baltimore

Color me cautiously optimistic. Still throwing too many Balls. You have filthy stuff, Jakey! Let it work it's magic!

Three players optioned in second round of cuts | News

I've a strong feeling we will see all three of them playing for the O's at some point this season.

PressBox: How Should The Orioles Set Their Starting Lineup?

So long as Hardy and Roberts are ensconced in the bottom third, I'll be content.

Camden Depot: Conor Jackson and His Spring Training Dominance

And now I know what 'Valley Fever' really is.

Will low expectations help the Orioles this season? | : Chuck Culpepper Article

Quoth Al Davis, "Just win, Baby!" Let the media slobber all over the JaysRaysSoxYanks. The ultimate glory will be the Birds' as they parade through the streets of Charm City.

This day marks the 48th birthday of 6 time Gold Glover winner, Steve Finley. Sure woulda been sweet to have him patrolling Right Field in the early-mid 90s for the O's.