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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Are ready for consumption


Honestly, there is less than nothing of substantive interest relating to the O's to discuss this morning. I can't make the news. I just link to it and comment on it when it happens.

School of Roch: Notes off today's intrasquad game

PressBox: Evaluating The World Baseball Classic And Its MLB Impact

It is fun for what it is, and I enjoy it. And anything that will help grow the game internationally, or even domestically, is a-ok in my mind.

O's should hire Towson's Gottlieb | CSN Baltimore

'Twould be a gracious act.

Nick Castellanos and the Tigers’ closer

O's get mentioned as a logical trade partner.

Camden Depot: Camden Depot's Orioles' Top 10 Prospects: 1 through 5

If you don't know the names and dossiers of these guys by now you have some serious memory problems.

Today is the 49th birthday for Will Clark, one of my favorite players growing up. Interesting to look back at his career. He never had a season where he put up less than 1.4 bWAR. Steady, unflashy production over 15 years.