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John Sickels Releases Top 150 Prospects: Bundy, Gausman, Schoop make the list

As with many other prospects lists, our three big ones make an appearance.

Kevin Gausman
Kevin Gausman
John Sickels at Minor League Ball has released his top 150 prospects for 2013. You can see his entire list here, but as expected Dylan Bundy (#3), Kevin Gausman (#23), and Jonathan Schoop (#102) made his list. His post doesn't include much commentary on the prospects, but are interesting to check out.

There is little to say about Bundy at this point that we don't all already know, but John commented on all three in his post on the top 20 Orioles prospects as such:

1) Dylan Bundy, RHP, Grade A: Is he the product of genetic experimentation? Bundy has everything you want in a pitching prospect...excellent stuff, good command, superior makeup, great performance. As long as he remains healthy, he should be a legitimate ace.

2) Kevin Gausman, RHP, Grade A-: LSU product has excellent fastball/changeup combination and strong makeup. Development of breaking ball is key but I'm optimistic about that. Like Bundy, he can be an ace.

3) Jonathan Schoop, INF, Grade B: He's been pushed, but I like him better than the raw numbers and I think he will develop into a very solid regular infielder with good pop. Pronounced "Scope" like the mouthwash.

How did the other AL East teams do? The Rays have six players on the list, with two in the top 50 (#7 - Wil Myers, #39 - Chris Archer). The Red Sox also have six with two in the top 50 (#4 - Xander Bogarts, #45 - Jackie Bradley). The Yankees have four prospects on the list but their only prospect in the top 50, Gary Sanchez, doesn't come until #46. And finally, the Blue Jays also rank with four prospects and only one in top 50 with Aaron Sanchez at #42 (I assume this is not the same Aaron Sanchez who serves as a judge on Chopped).