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Thursday Bird Droppings

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Good morning, kids! Did you know that earlier this week Camden Chat turned eight years old? Well it did! March 11, 2005 was the first ever post on Camden Chat. We've come a long way since then, thanks in part to all of you.

If you have access to MASN or this afternoon, don't forget to check out Dylan Bundy and Kevin Gausman on TV as both are scheduled to pitch against the Rays. A gamethread will go up at 12:45.

So far there have been 147 responses to the pre-season contest. Join the fun!

Links -

Jim Johnson and 50+ Save Seasons | Camden Depot
In light of Jim Johnson's 51-save season in 2012, Matt Kremnitzer takes a look at other closers with at least 50 saves and how they fared over their career.

The best and worst of Orioles Opening Day starters | Roar From 34
Matt Taylor takes a look at the Opening Day starters throughout O's history, from Jim Palmer to Rodrigo Lopez. I just wish he didn't have to remind me that in four of the past seven years, the O's OD pitcher has gone on to lead the league in losses. Ouch.

Markakis optimistic he'll be ready for Opening Day |
What the beats didn't tell us on Twitter on Tuesday is that it could be eight to twelve weeks before he's "symptom free." I'm starting to worry.

Use ‘Taiwan,’ not ‘Chinese Taipei’: Orioles manager - Taipei Times
Buck Showalter, getting political.

Johnny Oates' grandson spends some quality time with Orioles' Brian Roberts and Buck Showalter |
Your required feel-good story. It's sweet.

Happy birthday to former Orioles Kevin Brown and Randor Bierd!