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Tuesday Bird Droppings

I've got a fever, and the only cure is more Honkbal!


The DR is in: Perfect Dominicans march to final | News
Ah...RIP, Honkbal. Long live, Honkbal! Though Mr. Schoop may have gone 0-4 at the dish, he did make a couple of nifty plays in the field at 3B. So that's encouraging.

Strop, drop and roll: DR reliever sets down Dutch | News
Nice to see Mr. Strop having some dominant success in these pressure filled outings.

School of Roch: The last cuts are the deepest

One of the side-effects of DD bringing in so much depth with some manner of actual quality.

One-Run Game Performance is Unsustainable - Beyond the Box Score

We know. We get it. That horse done been beaten into submission. My question, however, is where is it written that the O's will even play in that many 1 run games again this season? What is the correlation between number of 1 run games played in from year to year? Inquiring minds want to know.

Steve Melewski: Hobgood and Hader on the mound and other notes from minor league camp

Step One in Operation: Don't Be a Complete Bust.

Orioles first base prospect Tyler Townsend shelved again -

Quick updates on all the various aches and pains bothering some O's minor leaguers.

With June 1 Deadline Nearing, Push For International Draft in MLB Intensifies

It seems like it's inevitable at some point. One can only hope the more pessimistic outlooks regarding an international draft do not come to pass.

For your listening pleasure, Rany Jazayerli and Joe Sheehan preview the two Eastern Divisions in MLB.

Happy Birthday to the big man, Rocky Coppinger. He's 39 today.