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GameThread: Pittsburgh Pirates @ Baltimore Orioles, 7:05pm

Let's Go O's!


I know that most of you won't be paying attention to the spring training game between the Orioles and Pirates, what with the NCAA tournament and the fact that it's STILL spring training, but I'm putting up a gamethread for it anyway. Why, you ask? Well, my reasons are two fold.

Fold One: The game is being broadcast on WBAL and so there is at least a small chance that a few of you will tune in to Fred and Joe for a bit, and maybe you'd like to chat at the same time.

Fold Two: We need a place to make fun of the Pirates so that Andrew_G can stop by and tell us that he hates us.

Getting the start tonight for the Orioles is Jake Arrieta, who seems to be pitching pretty much every time I pay attention. He's had himself a pretty decent spring so far (SSS and the fact that it's ST and all that jazz), and you know he's hoping that Buck Showalter will pick him to be starter #5. Starting for the Pirates is Jonathan Sanchez, who was traded by the Royals to the Rockies for our old friend Jeremy Guthrie last year. Now he's a non-roster invitee with the Pirates.

Here are lineups for the people who like lineups:

With Sanchez being a lefty, the Orioles have mercifully left Wilson Betemit out of the lineup and will be going with Russ Canzler at DH. Other than Canzler and Lew Ford filling in for Markakis, this looks like a pretty sweet lineup. That also looks like it might be the regular lineup for the Pirates, but given that I don't pay attention to the NL Central, who knows.