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Baltimore Orioles 0, Pittsburgh Pirates 0: What is this, soccer?

Sister kissing!


In the ongoing competition for the fifth starter, Jake Arrieta made his case tonight with six shutout innings as the Orioles played to a 10 inning, 0-0 tie with the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Jonathan Sanchez started for the Pirates and for a guy who has been pretty terrible (for a major league player of course! Compared to you and me and he's awesome), he pretty much shut down the O' starting lineup. Through five innings he allowed just three base runners. Two were Manny Machado, who singled twice, and the third was Lew Ford who reached on a walk.

The Orioles didn't have any more luck against the three relievers that followed Sanchez. Ryan Reid, Chris Leroux, and Justin Wilson each allowed one base runner over the final five innings.

Arrieta actually didn't have a perfect inning all night. That'll happen when you give up six hits and two walks in six innings, but thanks to nine strikeouts and eight ground ball outs none of those runners came around to score. Luis Ayala followed Arrieta with two perfect innings and Troy Patton closed out the game with two shutout innings of his own.

So there you go. A super short recap because in a 0-0 game, what is there really to say?