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Saturday Bird Droppings

Waking up the best way a man can!

Team Steve in action.
Team Steve in action.

It's a beautiful but cold day here in Baltimore, and I'm hoping the weather decides to take a turn before the home opener in two weeks. We've had a lot of luck, weather-wise, with Opening Day the last few seasons, so we might be due for a chilly one. If so, it'll just remind me of the weather during the playoffs games.

The pre-season contest ended yesterday with 244 responses! That is a Camden Chat record. Stay tuned for a post next week-ish summarizing the picks and laughing at the person who picked "Buddy" as the first minor league call up.

Schoop has 3 hits to lead Orioles over Rays, 6-3 | WCHS TV
Homers by Jonathan Schoop and Steve Pearce helped lead the Orioles to victory.

Are you on board withjake Arrieta as the Orioles fifth starter? -
Dan Connolly makes the case for Jake Arrieta and thinks he's the favorite for the fifth starter spot. What do you think?

Markakis back in action with baseball activities |
He's hitting off of a tee, throwing, and running. Hopefully by Sunday he'll be taking batting practice. Fingers crossed!

Blue Jays claim Todd Redmond off waivers from Orioles - MLB Daily Dish
Todd! We hardly knew ye. I was hoping we could have some time together and that you'd inspire me to resurrect the Todd Williams song as sung to the tune of Eye of the Tiger. Todd! Todd Todd Todd!

Orioles Card "O" the Day: Vintage Fridays: Earl Weaver, 1970 Topps #148
Kevin expounds on the Earl Weaver getting suspended during spring training, as mentioned by j.q. in yesterday's bird droppings.

Happy birthday to John "T-Bone" Shelby and Bobby Bonilla!