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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Links that go 'dump' in the morning


I think I'm just going to go stare at a wall for the next week. Spring Training is seemingly interminable. The big news yesterday, of course, was the knee injury Wilson Betemit suffered while running on the basepaths. The early report was that he suffered a 'Grade 2/3 tear of the PCL and associated injuries'. He is probably done for the season, and possibly his Oriole career. Best wishes to him in his recovery.

The O's travel to Ft. Myers today to take on the Twins. Kevin Gausman will make his 2nd start of the Spring. Could he possibly seize the 5th Starter slot out of camp? I'd say it's highly unlikely. But, as is said in the Poker-playing world, he's got a 'chip and a chair' so anything is possible.

Orioles taking 'family road trip' to Fort Myers | CSN Baltimore

Pack up the coolers and picnic baskets. Bonus (and encouraging) Markakis news as well!

The AL East is wide open, so who'll squeak into first? | : Jonathan Bernhardt Article

I've not read this yet. But I shall link to it nonetheless.

Baseball Tonight - ESPN

For your podcast listening desires. Buster and Stark do their AL East preview. They are quite smitten with the O's chances in '13. 2013 Major League previews: AL East

And yet another AL East preview piece. They seem to be en vogue this time of year.

Fog finally lifts for Brian Roberts - MLB News | FOX Sports on MSN

For those who may have missed it in the comments of yesterday's thread, Rosenthal pens a profile piece on our beloved lollygager.

Baltimore Orioles right-hander Chris Tillman pleased with progress -

It's Chris Tillman story profile time. Here's Part I.

Camden Depot: On Chris Tillman and Expectations

And the Depot brings us Part II.

Moore’s Play of the Week: Pedro Strops the Puerto Rican Rally Cold | Getting Blanked | Blogs |

Pedro (and his fastball) getting some love and .gif treatment

Remembering Welty’s 2010 season " Unlocking the Keys

Fare thee well, Ronnie.

I did not see it noted yesterday, but 14 years ago Cal Ripken Sr. passed away at the age of 63.