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GameThread: New York Yankees @ Baltimore Orioles, 7:05pm

Catch on last glimpse of the Orioles before Opening Day

J. Meric

The Baltimore Orioles host the New York Yankees tonight for their last televised spring training game in their last week of what has been the longest spring training ever. In fact the game will be available on MASN,, MLB Network, 1090AM, and Game Day audio. So anyone who wants to watch or listen to this game should be able to.

In this game they're featuring an almost Opening Day ready lineup, which includes the return of Nick Markakis in right field. Frankly, that's what I'll pay most attention to as having Nick ready for Opening Day would be huge for the team. Here is the full lineup:

Jair Jurrjens will start for the Orioles.

Let's go O's! We're in the home stretch!