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5 sleeper prospects theoretically worth watching

As a follow up to a review of the top 30 Oriole prospects, it seems seems like a good idea to examine a few other guys who didn't make the list who nonetheless have something to offer. Who are these guys?

I was once off the radar...
I was once off the radar...
J. Meric

As a follow up to reviewing BA's top 30, I thought I would shed some light on some of the others and why I like them. I thought it would be fun. You be the judge.

Trent Mummey was something of a sexy prospect coming into 2012. He is a 23 y/o left handed hitting OF. Fangraphs ranked him as the 9th best Oriole prospect coming into last year, noting his "above average speed and gap power." He was healthier in 2012, only missing half the season, but of course his OPS struggled, slashing .228/.323/.336/.759. So what's to like in that? Well, I guess a K/BB of 35/35 in 302 plate appearance is pretty promising? I would like to see him stay healthy in 2013, and see if he can return to his career MiLB ISO of .130. It seems like there are some things there to like. I am hoping he starts the season in Bowie.

Jaime Esquivel is a 20 y/o RHP drafted in the 28th round of the 2010 draft. He was injured for part of 2012 (not sure why), and threw only 27 innings, mostly in Aberdeen. But he posted an impressive K/9 over 10 for the second straight year, though his total innings in those two seasons combined is less that 80. He has a 90 MPH FB with a plus curveball. He is scheduled to be in Salisbury. Hopefully he'll have more success than the last Texan I was excited about.

Hector Veloz is a 19 y/o RH corner infielder. He was one of the bonus babies from Latin America that the Orioles have signed in the last 100 years. In the GCL he put up the following line: .281/.338/.463/.801 in 133 plate appearances with a K/BB of 30/8. Did I mention that's 19? So we'll see how he does in Aberdeen this year, but given his pedigree and power potential, he is worth watching. He had a cup of coffee in Aberdeen last year, and should return there in 2013.

Jason Gurka is a 25 y/o LHP who served as a top reliever in Frederick and Bowie last year. He possesses a 90 MPH FB out of the bullpen, which isn't as strong as some of his teammates, but he has managed to miss a decent number of bats as a pro (career 10.3 K/9). He needs to work on his control as evidenced by his 5.4 BB/9 in 20 innings in Bowie last year. I assume he will again be in the Baysox bullpen but he has flashed some progress.

Juan Guzman is a 22 y/o RHP who put up some impressive numbers in Aberdeen last year: 1.66 ERA in 38 IP with a K/9 of 10.2 and a BB/9 of 2.6. He definitely struggled in Delmarva (notably with his control, 4.0 BB/9 in 20 IP). But still, he put up some dominant numbers in a league, SSS, but nonetheless it seems like there is some raw materials there, as evidenced by his 90 plus FB and allegedly a plus curveball.

Who are your sleeper Oriole prospects for 2013?