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Camdencast Doubleheader Podcast: Mega-2013 AL East Preview

Mark previews the AL East in a two-part extravaganza with bloggers from Over the Monster, Bluebird Banter, DRaysBay, and Pinstriped Bible.


Jump right in! Press the triangle button and stream through your browser right now.


Guest 1 (Red Sox): Matt Kory, Over the Monster (@mattymatty2000)

At 32 minutes

Guest 2 (Blue Jays): Tom Dakers, Bluebird Banter (@bluebirdbanter)


Guest 1 (Rays): Allie Kranick, DRaysBay (@alliekranick)

At 33 minutes

Guest 2 (Yankees): Tanya Bondurant, Pinstriped Bible (@aynat211)

In the most ambitious Camdencast to date, Mark runs through the whole rest of the AL East division with the help of Matt, Tom, Allie, and Tanya, one from each of the other SB Nation sites. This is a two-hour, two-part extravaganza that was a lot of fun to record and hopefully you will enjoy listening. Many thanks to all of them for taking a little time to give us a quick rundown of each of their favorite teams.

Highlights include:

* Borderline gloating over the Vernon Wells trade
* One blogger's lack of concern going into the season
* How one develops a constant fear of a no-hitter/perfect game
* The identity of every healthy Yankees player
* What place in the division every blogger thinks their favorite team will finish

Plus: whether birds are an omen and what they portend, an impromptu book review, a youthful fascination with Rocco Baldelli, and Lyle Overbay is the Yankees Opening Day first baseman, really.

All this and more in this gigantic, division-encompassing, border-crossing Camdencast. Don't miss out! And look forward to Monday for an Orioles-centric preview podcast featuring Stacey and I.

Each part is about 62 minutes in length, with a new guest joining each at the minute mark noted above.

If you were subscribed to Camdencast on iTunes, you might have been able to listen to the podcast even before this post went up. You can also use another program of your choice to subscribe with the XML.

Camdencast remains safe for work, provided that your boss doesn't mind you listening to podcasts instead of while doing work.

Feedback for this episode or the podcast in general is always appreciated. I am always looking to improve. Until next time, have a great weekend, and go Orioles!