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Sunday Bird Droppings

The early bird gets the links


Now, I may be the substitute for Mr. duck today but I will not hesitate to send you to the Principles office if you start horsing around. I have a seating chart so make sure you are in your assigned seat. No talking. No note passing. I have an important link presentation for you that you will need to pay attention to. This material may be on the test.

Really wanted to stay up all night and geek out on some World Baseball Classic action, but 'twas not in the cards. Made it about 1/2way through the Brasil-Cuba game before darkness washed over the Dude. Was hoping to catch a glimpse of O's minor leaguer and Brasil Pitcher Raphael Moreno, but he wasn't in the game as of the 5th inning.

Anywho, in stateside action, the birds of Baltimore will exhibit their skills in opposition to those of the Phillies of Philadelphia at 1:05 pm. Chris Tillman gets the start, with Miguel Gonzalez slated to make an appearance at some point as well. The MLB site states the game will be broadcast on 1090 AM. So spend part of you Sunday enjoying the dulcet tones of Joe Angel and Fred Manfra.

School of Roch: News and notes following a 4-1 loss to the Rays (and quotes)
Matusz and Hunter can't keep the ball in the park. Nolan is still sore. Urrieta is a lefty only now. Etc...

Camden Depot: Who Might Be at Norfolk in 2013?

The name 'Brian Matusz' comes to my mind...

Command, breaking balls crisp in Chen's debut | News

The proprietor of my favorite watering hole was gushing about BriBob's spring. I felt bad having to disabuse of such enthusiasm. Prove me wrong, Lollygagger!

The Cutest and Most Dad-Like Baseball Card Series Ever: Milk Bone’s 1993 Card Set - Old Time Family Baseball

Oh, man...bad sweaters, bad mustaches, bad hats, and doggies!. Cal, Brady, and Ben make an appearance.

Today is the birthday of old timey O's Wee Willie Keeler, Monk Kline, and Honest John Kelly. O's of a more recent vintage born on this day include Jorge Julio and Jesse Jefferson.