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Easter Sunday Orioles News


Gonzalez, Orioles hold Mets to 1 hit in 7-1 win -
"New York Mets manager Terry Collins put it bluntly. "Everybody's ready to get out of here," he said." And the congregation said.... AMEN!

Pearce edges Jackson for O's final roster spot | News
"On Saturday, Orioles manager Buck Showalter declared Steve Pearce victorious in the battle for the club's final roster spot. Conor Jackson will head to Triple-A Norfolk." So there's that.

Steve Melewski: Taking a guess at the minor league rotations and some position player assignments
"Before the rosters officially come out, here are some guesses about some of the pitchers we could see in each rotation and some possible position player assignments." Steve Melewski does some guessing.

School of Roch: Breaking away
The O's will "officially place Tsuyoshi Wada, Wilson Betemit and Steve Johnson on the disabled list and get down to the required 25 players." So there's that.

Bob Turley, former Orioles pitcher, dies -
Bullet Bob has passed away. "Bob Turley, a hard-throwing right-hander who won the Orioles’ first home game, died of liver cancer early Saturday morning, according to his son Terry Turley. He was 82."

O's right-hander Jason Hammel travels long road to Opening Day start | News
"In the journey from that tall, skinny kid from Washington to the Orioles' Opening Day starter against the Rays on Tuesday at 3:10 p.m. ET, the 30-year-old Jason Hammel has had plenty of other skeptics along the way. It makes the transition from his bullpen demotion in Colorado to Baltimore's No. 1 starter in a year-and-a-half span even more incredible." TL;DR version: He sucked. then he found a new pitch, then he got traded, now he doesn't suck.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate, have a great Sunday regardless. And there's REAL BASEBALL tonight!!!! Woo hoo!!!