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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Feel the links...hmmm...drrrrrrrop!

Happy Birthday to you, LJ!
Happy Birthday to you, LJ!

And, another edition of Bird Droppings. We've got a great show for you today. Our guests will include many fans of the O's, who will be covering topics wide-ranging and far-reaching. So, send us your comments and if they're interesting perhaps we'll get you on air. Let's get right to it; here's are our first commentor:

Buck Showalter accepts The Sun's Marylander of the Year honor -

William Nathenial looking quite dapper in the suit and tie. Harkens back to his in-studio days with the Worldwide Leader.

School of Roch: Orioles replacing warning track at Camden Yards

Not with an alligator filled moat, in case you were wondering.

Camden Depot: What are the chances of Machado, Schoop, Bundy, and Gausman all being stars?

Numbers schumbers...They're all gonna be Hall of Famers!

New workout facility has Baltimore Orioles ahead of the curve | News

To: O'sFan21 From: Brady Anderson XOXO

Harang pitches with O's, Brewers scouts watching | News

I suppose I could get on board with the Harang-atang if (A) his acquisition cost nothing more than an org. filler guy and (B) his acquisition was accompanied by a trade of one or more of the 5th starter / Swingman / Bullpen arm candidates for something of more use. Either way, in HBGM I Trust.

2013 Baltimore Orioles: You Definitely Do Not Live Twice | Getting Blanked | Blogs |

This piece is like refried beans: the same as fried beans but just with added wasted time. Seriously, was this constructed by just copying and pasting various paragraphs from other 'O's-will-regress-in-2013' articles?

Cal Ripken Jr. talks about his new book, the Orioles' upcoming season and more -

Res Ipsa Loquitur

Schoop, Netherlands aim high | News | The Official Site of Minor League Baseball

Scope out this article on Jonathan Schoop!

Most Recent | AUS@NED: Schoop hits a two-run homer to left - Video | Multimedia

Young Jonathan did this in his 2nd at bat of the game. He was asked to sacrifice bunt in his next at bat. Somewhere, Earl muttered an expletive.

Baseball Video Highlights & Clips | Orioles look forward to Machado's first full season - Video | Multimedia

Part 2 of our Tuesday Video Corner segment.

Baseball Video Highlights & Clips | Gammons talks with Orioles closer Jim Johnson - Video | Multimedia

Pro: Video of Chris Davis carrying McLouth around on his shoulder. Cons: Stupid Raul Ibanez clip. And Stupid Russel Martin clip. And Stupid Manny Ramirez clip.

Today is the birthday for his surliness, Erik BUH DARD!, along with Jeffrey Hammonds, Jose Mercedes, and Little Jerome Hoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooes! On this day in 1966 Marvin Miller took over as head of the Player's Union. 30 years later, Earl Weaver and 1800s era O's Manager Ned Hanlon would be elected to the Hall of Fame via the Veteran's Committee.