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GameThread: WBC Games and Orioles @ Pirates

Lots of games.

Christian Petersen

For those of you watching the World Baseball Classic, you have wall-to-wall games today, with an Orioles game mixed in on for good measure. Chat about any and all of them right here. Here is the lineup:

2:00pm - Canada @ Italy

Italy is coming off an exciting upset of Team Mexico yesterday and has to be feeling pretty good even as they are the underdog in their pool. Names on Team Italy you might recognize: Jason Grilli, Drew Butera, Nick Punto, Anthony Rizzo, and former O's farmhand Mike Constanzo.

Team Canada has the familiar names of John Axford, Jameson Taillon, Justin Morneau, Joey Votto, and our old friend Adam Loewen. Also on the roster are O's minor leaguers Chris Robinson and Tim Smith. Russell Martin is is Canadian and was going to play but quit because they wouldn't let him play shortstop.

6:30pm - Spain @ Puerto Rico

Just as Italy is the underdog in its pool, you gotta think Spain is in the same boat. A cursory glance at their roster doesn't reveal any familiar names. Puerto Rico is another story. While not as stacked as the Dominican and Venezuelan teams, they do have two Molina brothers, Alex Rios, Carlos Beltran, and a few other names you'd recognize.

7:00pm - Orioles @ The Fightin' Andrew_Gs (AKA Pittsburgh Pirates)

You'll only be able to watch this game if you have as it's being broadcast by the Pirates crew. It will be on WBAL, though, so you can listen to Joe and Fred if you like. Wei-Yin Chen makes the start for the Orioles. Lineups TBD.

9:00 - Mexico @ United States

Mexico will be playing to stay alive in the tournament after losing to Italy yesterday. Their best player is Adrian Gonzalez, but they also have Rodrigo Lopez!

Team USA got a whole lot more likeable a few days ago when Mark Teixeira was replaced on the roster by Eric Hosmer. They also feature the completely kick ass outfield of Giancarlo Stanton, Adam Jones, and Ryan Braun.