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Camdencast Episode 47: Season Preview 2013

Mark and Stacey pack as many angles and predictions for the 2013 Orioles as you can squeeze into (a little more than) an hour in this episode of Camdencast.

This sight being frequent for the 2013 Orioles will make our podcasters very happy.
This sight being frequent for the 2013 Orioles will make our podcasters very happy.

Jump right in! Press the triangle button and stream through your browser right now:

Thanks once again to Eric Menzie, a.k.a. CCer OriolesOptimist, for the awesome intro track for the podcast. Eric made this one for me in hopes that I would get to use it for an ALCS preview last year, and I forgot about it. The O'Day chant is from Sliders the night the Orioles beat the Rangers in the wild card game - Eric was there.

After an offseason of mostly nothing happening, with the roster set, it was time to look to the upcoming season and figure out what we might see from this year's incarnation of the Orioles. What will be better for the 2013 O's? What could end up being worse? All of this along with a rundown of some of the community's preseason predictions, and Stacey and I make our own predictions for the Orioles and the playoff teams for the season. Lest you be tempted to take us too seriously, we first aired out our shamefully awful predictions from the same edition of the podcast last season.

As Adam Jones' t-shirt says: TO BE CONTINUED...

The episode is about 66 minutes in length.

Errata: When I predicted a won-loss record, I had a derp moment and added up to 164 games. Oops. For my actual prediction, take the wins I named and insert the appropriate number of losses to get to 162. As to what that number is, you'll have to listen for yourself to find out!

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Camdencast remains safe for work, provided that your boss doesn't mind you listening to podcasts instead of while doing work.

If you've ever got any feedback for the podcast, please feel free to let me know in the comments. There is always something I can do better. Take care until next time, and go Orioles!