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Non-Orioles Opening Day Game Thread: Various Teams, All Day

ESPN has an Opening Day quadruple-header lined up. There's no Orioles baseball to be found, but there is baseball, and that's something.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

There are a total of twelve MLB games scheduled today. Predictably, the ESPN quadruple-header kicks off with a Yankees/Red Sox match-up, but as the day moves along, they will also have Giants/Dodgers (4pm), Phillies/Braves (7pm) and Cardinals/Diamondbacks (10pm).

There is also one interleague match-up, which is one really weird thing we will have to get used to this season. The Angels play the Reds. You can't watch that one unless you live in one of the broadcast areas or watch, though.

For fun, these are the starting lineups in the Yankees @ Red Sox game:


Jacoby Ellsbury - CF Brett Gardner - CF
Shane Victorino - RF Eduardo Nunez - SS
Dustin Pedroia - 2B Robinson Cano - 2B
Mike Napoli - 1B Kevin Youkilis - 1B
Will Middlebrooks - 3B Vernon Wells - LF
Jarrod Saltalamacchia - C Ben Francisco - DH
Jonny Gomes - DH Ichiro Suzuki - RF
Jackie Bradley - LF Jayson Nix - 3B
Jose Iglesias - SS Francisco Cervelli - C

The 2013 season appears to be an ongoing test of the potency of the dark magic that has fueled the Yankees' rise and sustenance. I won't be dancing on their grave until I have personally seen the dead body placed in the casket, lowered into the ground, with dirt thrown on top of it - but my word, that lineup.

Jon Lester faces off against CC Sabathia for the pitching matchup.