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Wednesday Bird Droppings

Because Knowing is Half the Battle

Birthday Boy, Chris Dickerson
Birthday Boy, Chris Dickerson

I got nothing, except to say that off days are the worst. Even moreso when they follow day games. What the hell, man!?

School of Roch: Waiting on the roster move and Arrieta's start
Off day news and notes.

Baseball Prospectus | Painting the Black: What's the Matter With Hicks and Machado?
They're both young and still learning would be my guess.

Two young aces lead the way for Orioles' system | News
Need an off day filler article? Write about Bundy and Goose!

IronBirds holding contest to find new PA announcer -
Your chance to become a
/arm flourish

International Bonus Pools For 2013-14 -
A list of how much money each organization is allowed to spend up to on bonuses for international amateur free agents.

The Red Sox’ sellout streak likely ends tomorrow | HardballTalk
I think they mean the Red Sox' sellout streak likely ended sometime last year...or before even then.

Happy Birthday, Chris Dickerson! And welcome to the big league club later on today. Happy Birthday as well to Mike Devereaux. He's 50 today. Wow. I saw him at FanFest and dude looks like he just retired. It's also the birthday of mid-80's O, Lee Lacy.