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Tuesday Bird Droppings

Another post-off day set of Bird Droppings

If I were as handsome as Jake, I'd fist pump every morning upon waking up.
If I were as handsome as Jake, I'd fist pump every morning upon waking up.
Greg Fiume

And thus commences a welcome 9 game homestand for the Birds of Baltimore. The Rays, Dodgers, and Blue Jays come to Charm City in that span. Then a west coast swing to visit the A's, M's, and Halos. No off day's for the O's until the 6th of May. Wooooo, Baseball!

School of Roch: Arrieta looking to get on track tonight

I stand by my BOLD PREDICTION that Jake will throw a no-hitter this season. Who better to do it against than the Rays?

Deflecting attention, Nick Markakis appreciated nonetheless | News
Nikos is quietly having a very Nikos year so far. But whatever happened to him as lead off man? I was diggin that set up.

For Orioles slugger Chris Davis, 'patience is paying off' -

Thor. That is all.

Steve Melewski: Bridwell looks for better delivery, better results (plus other notes)

Possibly my favorite non-Bundy/Gausman pitcher in they system. He's like the Brenden Webb of our pitching prospects. So much talent which has yet to fully materialize. Give it time.

Who was the last player to wear No. 42 for each team? -
Res Ispa Loquitur

VORG Crossword Puzzle #8 | Value Over Replacement Grit
oooh! Fun!

Are Missed Calls Bad for Baseball? | FanGraphs Baseball
Sullivan eloquently puts into words what has been on my mind with all the recent discussion regarding umpire's strike zones.