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Orioles 2, Rays 6: Crapfest? Crapfest.

A thoroughly poor game by the Orioles tonight dropped them back to .500 at 7-7.

Patrick Smith

The Orioles played a pretty lousy game tonight. They didn't hit, they didn't pitch, they didn't field. Sometimes you can get away with not doing one of those things, every now and then you can get away with not doing two of those things. But generally if you do none of them, you're gonna lose.

So, what went right tonight? Well...Adam Jones hit his second homer of the year. The Orioles took five walks. Tommy Hunter didn't look too bad. That's a pretty short and uninspiring list, but there you go.

Now onto the bad. Chris Tillman was a big old mess. He only walked two but he threw so many pitches and went to a three-ball count on too many hitters. He got knocked around for four runs in five innings and gave up two home runs, one each in the first two innings. He threw 93 pitches in five innings and continued the trend of O's starters not going deep in the game.

Tillman was replaced by T.J. McFarland, and for those of you calling for him to replace either Tillman or Jake Arrieta in the lineup, tonight wasn't a very good audition. He pitched 2 1/3 innings in relief and gave up two more runs to the Rays.

You won't see it in the boxscore, because it somehow got ruled a double, but Adam Jones made an awful play in center field that allowed two runs to score. On a shallow fly ball to center by James Loney, Jones made the bad decision to try and catch a ball that he wasn't nearly close enough on. When he couldn't make the catch he tried to play it on a bounce but he was too close and it went past him. If he had played it as a single then one run would have scored anyway, but it was really ugly.

As I said before, the Orioles did draw five walks on the night, three of which were off of starter Matt Moore, who also gave up five hits. Still, the O's only scored on the homer by Jones, thanks in part to seven strikeouts against Moore. They couldn't do much against the Rays bullpen, getting one hit and two walks over the final 2 1/3 innings.

Tomorrow the Orioles have yet another rubber game and turn to Miguel Gonzalez to right the ship. Of course, the bats will also need to wake up, and with David Price on the mound that's a pretty tall order.