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Quick Recap: Orioles 10, Rays 6

The Orioles today overcame David Price on the mound, what looked like it would be a crucial error by J.J. Hardy, and a fair amount of ridiculous baserunning tonight to win the game 10-6 in ten innings on a walk off grand slam by Matt Wieters.

Miguel Gonzalez wasn't able to pitch 8 or 9 innings like we all hoped, and he wasn't able to keep the runs off the board, but he did keep the team in the game, which I suppose is something. He pitched 5 2/3 innings and gave up 5 runs on 8 hits and 2 walks.

With the game tied 3-3 in the third inning with one out, Hardy made a throwing error on what would have been a double play ball that allowed the fourth run to come in to score. It wasn't, as the score went back and forth and the O's found themselves down 5-4 with Steve Pearce at the plate. I was convinced that'd be the game for sure, but Pearce had something to say about that. Facing Jake McGee with Hardy on second, Pearce hit his first home run of the season. Oh, it happened to also be his first hit of the season. O's were up, 6-4.

The normally reliable Darren O'Day gave the run right back though, on a home run to James Loney of all people. The score remained 6-6 through the end of regulation, then in the bottom of the tenth, after a bit of baserunning shenanigans, Matt Wieters ended the game with a bang: a walk off grand slam. Oh, Matt Wieters! How I love you!

The O's take the series! Stay tuned for the full recap including tonight's Most Birdland Player poll.

Source: FanGraphs