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Series Preview: O's vs. Dodgers, 19-21 April

Fresh off of a series win, the O's will open interleague play against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Ryu, Beckett, and Billingsley for the Dodgers. Hammel, Chen, and Arrieta for the O's. See YOU at the the Yard.

Hammel will try to get back on track against his former division foe
Hammel will try to get back on track against his former division foe
Scott Cunningham

On Thursday night, the O's capped off their first home series win of the season behind a Matt Wieters grand slam. They'll remain in Baltimore for the weekend and open up their 2013 interleague schedule against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Friday's game will feature a rookie the O's have never seen before (and severe thunderstorms) and Saturday's game an Earl Weaver tribute before the game. Sunday's game will be shown on TBS.

19 April, 7:05pm: Hyun-Jin Ryu @ Jason Hammel
Career Numbers Ryu vs. O's Hammel vs. Dodgers
IP - 54.1
ERA - 5.47
FIP - 5.15
Slash Line (Past Teams) - .306/.376/.481
Slash Line (Current Players) -

As a member of the Colorado Rockies, Hammel has faced the Dodgers on several occasions, racking up about 54 innings of work. The numbers against him are pretty solid, but some of that could be due to the fact he was pitching (in some cases) a mile above sea level. He's been better against the majority of players on the current Dodger roster. Overall, Hammel has struggled so far, demonstrating inconsistent control, limited strikeouts, and a knack for allowing the home run.....all of this on a .207 BABIP.

Watch out: Andre Either (8-23, 1 HR, .945 OPS vs. Hammel)

20 April, 7:05pm: Josh Beckett @ Wei-Yin Chen
Career Numbers Beckett vs. O's Chen vs. Dodgers
IP 132.0
ERA 4.36 -
FIP 3.88 -
Slash Line (Past Teams) .256/.300/.411
Slash Line (Current Players) .257/.300/.374

In just his second MLB season, Chen has yet to face the Dodgers. Only Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford have seen Chen and both did so as members of the Boston Red Sox. In any case, Chen's has seemingly been the O's best starter early in the season, so long as he's limited to just 6 innings (kind of reminds you of Koji Uehara, doesn't it?). Naturally, as part 2 of 2 in "Red Sox now on the Dodgers," the O's will face Josh Beckett. He's racked up 132 innings against the O's, but hasn't been particularly amazing, although FIP suggests he hasn't had the best defense behind him. Over his career, he's pitched at Camden Yards 13 times, third most out of any MLB park (behind his two former home parks). In those 13 games, he's been susceptible to the long ball, allowing one per game.

Maybe hot: Chris Davis (.824 OPS, 17 PA)

Maybe not: Nate McLouth (1 hit in 10 PA)

21 April, 1:35pm: Chad Billingsley @ Jake Arrieta
Career Numbers Billingsley vs. O's Arrieta vs. Dodgers
IP -
ERA - -
FIP - -
Slash Line (Past Teams) -
Slash Line (Current Players) .265/.286/.412

Like Chen, Arrieta has only faced select members of the current Dodgers roster. Those numbers are not so good. Additionally, Arrieta has been knocked around a bit in interleague play, but he's been knocked around in general, so I'm not sure this is news. On the other side, Chad Billingsley will face the Orioles for the first time his 7+ year career. Only Nate McLouth has more than 10 PA against the Dodgers righty.

Watch out: Adrian Gonzalez (1.27 OPS, 11 PA vs. Arrieta)

"A manager's job is simple. For one hundred sixty-two games, you try not to screw up all that smart stuff your organization did last December" - Earl Weaver