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Sunday Bird Droppings

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Mike Weaver, son of Earl, threw out a pretty good first pitch.
Mike Weaver, son of Earl, threw out a pretty good first pitch.
Rob Carr

Orioles beat Dodgers 6-1 for doubleheader sweep - USA TODAY
"To beat two good starters, (Hyun-Jin) Ryu and (Josh) Beckett, it wasn't easy but this team always fights to that 27th out," Baltimore center fielder Adam Jones said."

Steve Melewski: Orioles Hall of Famers return to honor Earl Weaver
"They came back to say goodbye to the Earl of Baltimore. Orioles Hall of Famers Cal Ripken Jr. and Brooks Robinson spoke tonight at a pregame ceremony to honor the life of former Orioles manager and fellow Hall of Famer Earl Weaver, who died in January." Earl's son, Mike Weaver, was the one who almost had me crying.

Orioles Analysis: Top of the order - Carroll County Times
"Nick Markakis recorded a hit in 13 of the Orioles’ first 15 games. In five games as the leadoff hitter, the Orioles right fielder started 7 for 22, a .318 average, with two runs scored and a walk." Nate McLouth isn't doing so bad at the leadoff hitter, either.

Showalter evaluating possibilities for Wednesday's starting pitcher -
"Last night, it was just a matter of, ‘OK, here’s our options. Here’s who’s not an option,’ " Buck Showalter said, "because I’m sure there will be some communication in the dugout during the day about, ‘This guy can go ahead and pitch, hold this guy out,’ that type of stuff. We did it all year last year. It’s more of a possibility that we’re going to need a starting pitcher on Wednesday, so we have the options lined up and there are multiple options."

Sorry, my alarm didn't go off, so you're on your own for birthdays, etc. And if you don't have to buy a present, who cares whose birthday it is, amirite?