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Week 3 Birds Up, O's Down (April 15-21)

Who's hot and who's not for the Baltimore Orioles

Matt Wieters lets fly a walk off grand slam en route to the top spot of this week's BUODs.
Matt Wieters lets fly a walk off grand slam en route to the top spot of this week's BUODs.
Joy R. Absalon-USA TODAY Sports
Jake Arrieta Has yet to find a batter he won't walk. With no off days until May 6th, 4 innings just isn't going to cut it.
Wei-Yin Chen He's the king of five and a third, but hey, he gets the job done for the most part. Walks were an issue on Saturday night, but he worked himself out of any jams and finished with just 1 ER.
Miguel Gonzalez Tagged for 3 homers over 5.1 innings of work against Tampa on Thursday. He's another guy you'd like to see go deeper into games, but right now, Migo's at least getting to 6 innings (mostly).
Jason Hammel If you saw the first inning of Saturday's first game, you might have been worried, but Hammel actually managed to figure it out as he went along. Just think, if he'd figured that out in the first inning, he might have been the first Oriole starter to pitch 7 innings this season, but alas, just six. The "good" thing is, this game actually lowered his FIP, which now sits at 5.22!
Chris Tillman He wasn't totally awful, allowing 4 ER in 5 innings (with 2 walks and 6 strikeouts), but he was horribly inefficient. Needed 93 pitches to slog through just 5 innings.
Tommy Hunter His 3 scoreless innings on Saturday night during the second game of the doubleheader was a huge contribution to a team in need of an opportunity to rest a few of the arms that have seen a ton of action early into the season. It might go overlooked elsewhere, but not here. Well done, Tommy.
Jim Johnson He's gone back to doing what he does.
Brian Matusz Don't look now, but Matusz has actually been extremely solid out of the pen. Didn't allow a base runner in 2.2 innings.
T.J. McFarland He's seeing all of the mop up duty for starters that can't get deep into games (cough, Jake Arrieta). Didn't take very long for hitters to figure him out, which you could say about many a soft-tossing lefty, but he didn't allow too much damage. Delivery is slow which makes him susceptible to the stolen base, SHJ or no SHJ.
Darren O'Day Did allow a homer, but that was extent of it.
Troy Patton Allowed his first ER of the season.
Pedro Strop Making it really easy for O'Day to assume his primary role. Walks and homers just won't cut it.
Alexi Casilla Still better than Flaherty, although not by much. The good news is that at least he's getting approximately the same playing time now.
Chris Dickerson Zzzzzz.
Chris Davis Another productive week for the Oriole first baseman. He went 10 for 21 with 3 doubles and a mammoth homer which tied (for a few minutes) the game on Saturday night. Sitting at 1.4 WAR as of now....just a bit shy of last year's 2.0 mark.
Ryan Flaherty He's pretty bad, although that catch at the end of Saturday's game was pretty solid.
J.J. Hardy Another poor week has his average below .200....good thing there are other guys on this team that are hitting right now.....
Adam Jones One walk and seven strikeouts. Status quo for Jones, but when he gets a hold of it, he gets a hold of it. Just 6-23 this week, but actually looked pretty good (for the most part). Four of his six hits went for extra bases, but still looking for him to capitalize regularly with RISP.
Manny Machado Numbers-wise, it was a pretty mediocre week, but he's proving he's capable of big games for time to time. Defense has been exceptional at third base, as well.
Nick Markakis Not flashy, but a solid week has him sporting a .311 BA and a .370 OBP.
Nate McLouth Also not flashy, but he's raised his OBP to .387 this past week. The five walks helped that. He's a guy you want to see hit better than .269, but his OBP is in tune with many of the other lead off guys in the game right now.
Steve Pearce If you limit his at-bats, he might actually be productive. Who knows....but he did go 3-7 this week with a homer.
Nolan Reimold Earlier in the week, I thought to myself, wow...really would love to see his bat come through. It did, but too late in the week to earn him an up arrow. Finished the week with a flourish, however.
Taylor Teagarden If not for actually being at the one game he played in, I might have forgotten he was even on the team.
Matt Wieters How cool was that walk off grand slam?