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Dylan Bundy and Dr. James Andrews Mentioned In The Same Sentence

Top prospect Dylan Bundy has been mentioned in the same sentence as the Reaper of Elbows, Dr. James Andrews. How bad is the news? We don't know yet.


One of the rules of being a baseball fan seems to be that any time a player is mentioned in the same sentence as Dr. James Andrews, nothing good can happen.

In a word: welp.

As Orioles fans, all we can do is hope that it's just a precaution for Dylan Bundy - Andrews is the expert on injuries that don't necessarily involve Tommy John surgery as well. One encouraging sign is that a previous MRI had been clear. Of course, it's possible there might have been new damage as he began his throwing progression, or the past MRI may have missed some serious damage that will dash hopes of seeing Bundy pitching in Baltimore this year, or even next year.

One discouraging sign is that Bundy did not look the same in spring training as he did last year. If there was a mystery injury, that would explain that. It is apparent that whatever is wrong with him, he's not fully healed just from a little rest.

If you need me, I'll be running around in a panic. Keep that elbow nice and safe, Kevin Gausman.