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Thursday Bird Droppings

Links! Delicious links!

Patrick Smith

Good morning! I apologize for the lateness of the droppings today, but it's day one of my vacation and waking up super early just wasn't on the agenda. Starting today I'll be out of pocket for over a week, but the blog will go on! Don't you worry about that. Anyway, links.

Camden Depot: Strikezone Analysis: 04.22.2013 - 04.24.2013: Toronto Blue Jays at Baltimore Orioles
Is Lou Proctor the nom de plume of our own Marylander?

Brady Anderson reaches Eutaw Street for the second time – May 13, 1998 | Roar From 34
Another fun entry from the Eutaw Street Chronicles.

Steve Melewski: Jim Johnson: "Kind of lost the feel, that's a terrible way to lose a game"
Yesterday's loss was a tough one, but it's hard to get upset at Jim Johnson. No one is perfect, but up until yesterday JJ was pretty darn close.

Buck Showalter, Dan Duquette accept O's GIBBY Awards | News
Sadly, GIBBY stands for Greatness in Baseball Yearly and is not handed out by Jay Gibbons as I imagined.

Machado, Jones, Wieters among 9 Orioles on AL All-Star ballot -
I had to clip this because it's the most ridiculous title ever. Of course there are nine Orioles on the ballot. There are nine players of every team on the ballot.

Happy birthday, Robert Andino!