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Orioles Recall Zach Britton From AAA Norfolk

Thursday, the Orioles recalled Zach Britton from Norfolk to join the team in Oakland.


This is the time of night where we're used to being fired up for an upcoming game. But, the Orioles are on the West Coast for the next 11 games, and instead the biggest thing to be excited about for the next few hours - if it's something that excites you, which it may not unless your last name is Britton - is that Zach Britton has been recalled from Norfolk to join the Orioles in Oakland.

Britton replaces Josh Stinson, whose tenure lasted less than one full day. Stinson had replaced Alex Burnett, who was in the bullpen for two games without appearing in a game. Burnett replaced Jake Arrieta, who sucked.

Arrieta's turn in the rotation will be open for Monday. Britton could be the player to fill it if he's not needed to throw innings over the next few days.

Through three starts in Norfolk, Britton has a 1.98 ERA, which sounds good, except he's thrown only 13.2 innings. There was a blister issue that has been cleared up, so maybe he won't have that problem whatever he does in the big leagues. If you're an optimist, then you will be thinking that the blister probably contributed to Britton issuing seven walks in those few innings. If you're a pessimist, then you will be thinking that he can't throw strikes, just like every other one-time member of the cavalry can't throw strikes, or at least they can't throw strikes without giving up home runs.

Britton, at least, is a ground-ball pitcher when all is going well - and even when it isn't, because last year he got over 60% ground balls. Wow. How do you have a 60% ground ball rate and a 5+ ERA? Maybe the 4.77 BB/9 had something to do with that. Throw strikes! Throw strikes. Throw strikes. Pretty please, throw strikes.

Pretty please starters go deep into the next four games so Britton isn't needed out of the bullpen and we don't have to endure Freddy Garcia making the Monday start. Thank you.