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Friday Bird Droppings

A little drop'll do ya...

Thor out for a late night jog.
Thor out for a late night jog.
Thearon W. Henderson

Happy Arbor Day! Big plans?

Anyways, the fatigue I feel this morning is made slightly better by the comprehensive butt kicking the O's laid upon the A's last night. If you didn't get a chance to stay up and watch, mosy on over to and check out the highlights. There were definitely some lowlights in there, too, but all's well that ends well. Tonight features a matchup of crafty flyball artists, Tommy Milone and Wei-Yin Chen.

McLouth comfortable in leadoff spot | Comcast SportsNet Baltimore Uh...ya' think?

Steve Melewski: The Orioles are still searching for a starter to go seven innings or more (updated) My prediction? This will continue and continue to annoy.

Chase Utley Is A Perfect Fit For The Baltimore Orioles BSR keys off Buster's scatting and bebopping from yesterday's podcast.

Q&A: Jason Hammel, Two-Seam Evolution | FanGraphs Baseball This was posted within one of the open threads, but I thought it deserved its own entry.

When Can We Start To Believe? - Beyond the Box Score Just give me something to believe in.

On this day in 1959, Sadaharu Oh hit his first home run. He would go on to hit 868 in his NPB career.