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Orioles GIFs of the Week

The inaugural Camden Chat GIFs roundup! Yay internet!

Thearon W. Henderson

If you're going to make it on the internet these days you must keep up with the latest in web technologies. If you're not using the best, richest tools and techniques to communicate your message you will not be taken seriously.

Starting with this, the first Orioles GIFs of the Week post, we are bringing Camden Chat into the 21st century and showing you Orioles-related clips and highlights like you've never seen them before - with full-color moving images! Each Monday we will bring you a curated selection of the best of the previous week. So far all of these have been generated by me, but submissions from other CCers (nudge zknower) are welcome. Exceptional works from elsewhere on the internet may also be featured here in the future. Now let's get to the GIFs!

Place your mouse over the GIFs to activate. Vote for your favorite below.

Since this is the first post, some of these will be from earlier in the season. This one features one of the hottest power hitters in baseball for the opening weeks and another guy who has been hitting everything in sight, though not out of the ballpark as often. This about sums up the offensive good times so far in 2013.Ssrotxd_medium

When Tillman can spot his fastball he's good. When he can spot his fastball and sling some nasty hooks for strikes he's great. Not much Joey Bats can do about this one.


These days, if you're an Orioles fan and a runner from the other team takes off in an attempt to steal a base, you get excited. You feel like the other team has haplessly fallen into some kind of trap. Obviously, you feel this way because of Matt Wieters. You would think other teams must have gotten the message by now, but they just keep on running. Please keep on doing this, but nonetheless if you're thinking of running on Wieters, we will leave you with one more cautionary message, imbued with the quasi-religious authority carried by SHJ.


If movies have taught me anything, it's that crazy, kooky people sometimes have prescient insight into the lives of protagonists. Well, that's how real life is too and here's the proof. A particularly animated fan behind home plate prepared himself to aurally experience an imminent home run. Steve Pearce was our bat-wielding protagonist in this case, so you know this was truly a prophetic act.


I think 95 on the black with extreme, late sinking and tailing movement is described as a "pretty good pitch" by most appreciators of baseball. When Jim Johnson is on, which is most of the time, he can create beautiful things.


That's it for this week. Follow @OriolesGIFs for all of the GIF action all week long. Send me your requests by tweeting at that handle (please include the inning and batter so I can find it). Thanks for watching!